About One By One Nutrition

You want to lose weight, you’ve come to the right place. We balance things like body acceptance and behavior change to create the best weight loss results possible.

We scour the research world for the methods that do two things for you:

  1. Help you take the actions required to lose weight
  2. Create a better relationship with your body

Paradoxically, for some, people actually get better results with a combination of acceptance and change. Often, people have gotten stuck (stuck for years or even decades) trying one or the other.

Our secret is that we use a skills-based approach. If you’ve failed at diets in the past, it’s because you didn’t have the skills necessary to make the diet work. More importantly, though, is that if you have the skills you can get the results you want without ever dieting.

Like any other skill you’ve ever mastered in your life before, whether that was playing an instrument or learning your job tasks, the skill got easier with more practice. You find that while the skills took effort and focus in the beginning, after months or years they become easy and natural.

And that’s what most of our clients really want for their bodies – to have weight loss and weight maintenance become painless, simple, and a natural expression of who they are. That can only happen with a skill-based approach.

Specialized Intensive Coaching Programs

One by One Nutrition has two specialty programs, that solve two common problems:

  1. Emotional eating
  2. Binge eating

If you have issues with either emotional eating or binge eating, you’ll likely find that diet based approaches have been a nightmare. In either case, a totally custom skill-based approach can make the difference you’re looking for. We have clients who’ve started with emotional eating or binge eating issues that got to the same results as the rest of our clients — having weight loss and weight maintenance become painless, simple, and a natural expression of who they are.

Meet The Coaches

Sarah Campbell

My greatest joy is to help people become more comfortable in and understand more completely their own bodies.

We are, each and every one of us, a complex and amazing collection shaped of not only physical parts, but also past experiences, motivations, frustrations, pains, and joys. All of this makes us who we are as individuals.

I believe that knowledge is power, and that the better we understand ourselves and why we do the things that we do, the more freedom and joy we will be able to find in our every day lives. Life should be enjoyed. My goal is to feel happy, healthy, and vibrant as much of the time as possible, and to help you feel that way, too.

Our relationship with food has many aspects. It is a necessity for life. It is what we turn to in both grief and celebration. We both love and torture ourselves with it. It often is a reflection of the state of our relationship with ourselves and those closest to us. By taking responsibility for our relationship with food, we can change our entire lives. That may seem like a dramatic statement. The reason I wrote it is that in my life it has been true.

I spent many years in a less-than-vibrant state, and have struggled with depression, unhealthy relationships, and low self-esteem. I understand self-hate, lack of motivation, and the dynamic duo of perfectionism and martyrdom from the inside out. I was an expert at eating my negative emotions. I felt very alone. And yet here I am today, at a healthy weight, believing that I am worthy of love, feeling light and free in my body, and enjoying what I eat. How did I get here? I got here by delving into my fears and hopes with honesty and with help.

As part of the One By One team, I will support you in learning to listen to and trust your own bodily intelligence in a true and lasting way. You will not be shamed, blamed, or given rules to attempt to follow. You will be treated with love and respect as we do our best to guide you towards more joy and freedom. Clients find that as their relationship with themselves changes for the better, all the other aspects of their life do as well. When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I work as a coach for a life-transformation company, because that is what I see happen in our program. I love my work, and the people I meet through it. When I’m not helping people look inside at the glorious mess that we all are, I teach yoga, lift weights, study about the body and its workings, cook a lot, enjoy spending time with my husband, and am a dog-mom to two lovely shepherds.

Maryclaire Brescia

I am a mom of three teenage sons, living in central NJ. I first met Georgie and this amazing group of coaches as a client. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from this process. Sticking with it through the successes and challenges was a life-changing experience. I am thrilled and privileged to share this experience with you.

My dieting past may be best described as “Been there, done that!” After I had my children, I gradually gained weight. At first, I just accepted the weight gain as part of “aging”. And then it continued to creep up. Seeing myself in photos was a bit of a shock. “Do I really look like that?! “ I was not happy with myself and I decided to get control of the situation. I was going to whip myself into shape! And hence began the crazy rollercoaster ride we call dieting.

I spent years on and off a parade of diets. The first “success” was with Weight Watchers, where I lost about 30 lbs and achieved the coveted status of “Lifetime Member”. I kept the weight off for a while and then it gradually crept back. I then tried South Beach, Mediterranean, Clean Eating, Paleo (could only manage that for a few days!), Metabolic Effect, 2-day Low Carb, etc. I was really burnt out. I tried to go back to Weight Watchers and as I sat in the meeting, I just felt myself resist, saying “No way, not again!”

Not, ready to give up, I turned to fitness. I hired a personal trainer who kicked my butt. Working out, combined with diligent calorie counting on MyFitnessPal, helped me lose weight for the second time. The good news was that I discovered a love of exercise. I even obtained my personal training certification. The bad news was, that after a while, the weight started to creep up AGAIN! Whaaat?! So here I was, out of ideas and still gaining weight. What would I do?!

Luckily, it was then that I heard Georgie on a podcast describing Lean Habits. It was a lightbulb moment. A definite YES! I knew immediately this was the way to go. You see, the difference was that on all of my previous diets, I was at war with myself; restricting and white knuckling. By contrast, with Lean Habits, I worked with my body, not against it. I developed my own motivation based on a desire for a healthy lifestyle. I was not a victim to an external restricting framework. Changes were made easily and incrementally.

I enjoyed the Lean Habits approach so much, that I jumped at the chance to be a group coaching mentor. It was such a joy to support new clients as they practiced this approach. They not only met their weight loss or maintenance goals but also made peace with themselves. Their personal growth was tremendous.

Now as a coach, I can honestly say there is nothing I enjoy more than helping our clients. We are in this together! I know what it is like to struggle. I know what it is like to slip up. I get it! You are not going to surprise me! And I am confident that this IS the best approach and we can make it work for you. I would say, that so much of this comes down to mindset…our thoughts, emotions, stress levels. This is where the big payoff is. When you get the right mindset working for you, the rest falls into place. I don’t begrudge my checkered past and neither should you. We are the sum of everything we have learned along the way. Now we can put that learning to good use with a fresh approach. I have such love for the One by One clients. And I can’t wait to work with you! I am excited to share with you a rewarding, personal growth experience.



Georgie Fear, CSO

You could call me obsessed. I’d prefer “focused”, but anyway you slice it, nutrition is my thing. Since I was very young, I have been fascinated with nutrition. I’ve spent 15 years studying why people eat what they eat, how they eat it, and how what they eat impacts their health, body, performance and overall life experience. Now, I’m a registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, and published author. I spent ten years in college if you combine undergraduate and Ph.D. studies, doing nothing but nutritional science. I talk and write about food, and eating for hours a day, sometimes doing 2 magazine interviews, a podcast, and 10 client consults in a single weekday. And it’s not getting the least bit old. I was born to do this, and I simply adore it.

I believe that everyone (including you) can enjoy a lean body and happy life. And nutrition is a huge piece of making that your reality. If you struggle with what to eat, how much to eat or have a generally tumultuous relationship with food, it’s hard to be happy in general. Because food is something you will deal with every day, for the rest of your life.

Yes, I run a nutrition coaching program, but my goal isn’t just for you to get lean (though that’s the plan), it’s for you to get and stay lean, sustainably, without exerting much effort. To do it with love and joy and a smile on your face. We are embarking on a journey together, a road of finding out how awesome our healthy lives can be! I’m here to help you find what I have found, that healthy eating is delicious, that moving our bodies and crafting them into stronger, more functional machines is joyful, and that learning to think and observe the world in new ways can change everything.

It sure changed things for me. I spent years of my life, more than I’m proud to admit, in a place of food obsession, restriction, dieting, and compulsive exercising. I was depressed, full of self-hatred and had lower self-esteem than I can find words for. I have lived in fear of eating, I have shed tears of frustration, blame, and anger at a body that refused to do what I wanted. Seeking solutions I went on diet after diet, craving food my every waking moment, and fantasizing about food even in my sleep. And feeling ever more the failure when each one didn’t work. That’s no way to live. It sapped my joy, squandered my mental and physical energy and led me in circles. A lot of clients whom I work with today tell me they have been struggling with the exact same frustrations, battling their weight and/or weight-obsession for years.

How does a person change that? By forming new habits and letting go of what is not working. Body hatred and shame don’t work. Good nutrition, satisfying nourishing meals, and ample positive motivation do work. I’ve walked that road and my coaching purpose is to lead you along the same way. Together we can reach that place where you feel confident, at ease, and in control of your nutrition habits, fitness, and life. Oh, and you can have a kickin’ body too. (Ironically, losing the dieting finally helped me get lean.)

As for my coaching style: I coach good nutrition foremost, backed by the latest scientific evidence. I also coach consistency, resilience, nonjudgment, understanding, and kindness. But above all, I coach love. And I coach with love. That warm emotion that I struggled for a decade to grasp and apply to myself, now is my greatest asset. It helps me change lives, one habit at a time.



Roland Fisher, CEO

Life is a wonderful series of experiments. I started One By One Nutrition with Georgie Fear because we believed that we could teach people how to not need coaches. I have enjoyed the hundreds of mini-experiments that we've done to perfect that goal, ever since.


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