Eating Out is Simple

Apr 23, 2018

Our clients are often shocked to find out that they can totally eat at Chipotle or Garbanzo as often as they want.

But if you look at the picture above, it’s really pretty simple:

  • 1/2 plate veggies
  • 1/4 plate protein
  • 1/4 plate carbs
  • Sauce

That meal is a meal from Garbanzo, ordered exactly like this:

  • No hummus or pita
  • Half the plate lettuce
  • Rice
  • Double chicken
  • Seasonal vegetables on the lettuce
  • Cilantro sauce

It’s a pretty delicious and tasty meal! It's available almost anywhere, quick, and reasonably priced.

Of course, you get to pick whichever carbohydrate you like. You might want to do the pita instead of the rice. Awesome, rock out with your pita. You get to choose.

You can eat anywhere you want. It’s just a matter of noticing that places will mostly serve you about five portions of carbohydrates, and somewhere between half a portion and a full portion of protein.

The most important thing is to order one portion of carbohydrates, and then fill in the rest with vegetables. Between the portion of protein and the double portion of vegetables, the meal will be healthy and filling.

And you don’t need to be afraid of carbohydrates! Just pick one.

This pattern works just as well for any place you eat or any meal you make at home. If it’s a meal where everything is “stirred together,” just make sure the portions are right before you stir it all together!

Also, note that you can adjust these plate ratios based on your individual needs. Someone who is training for a triathlon two hours per day will need more portions carbohydrates than someone who works out two hours per week. Someone who is six feet tall would need more than someone who is five feet tall, and so on. This is just a starting place. Adjust as necessary, and use common sense.


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